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If you just want to see photos and skip the rant, scroll down. You'll probably only get half way through it ;) (at least thats what always happens to me)

 New Years huh? Kind of missed the prime time for a new years post, I mean its January 21st for God's sake! A post 21 days after the fact, uh ohhhh. I disagree though, I think there's no better time than now. We are in an age where the amount of information we consume is unbelievable, with constant one line Twitter updates getting shot off into the air, relentless Facebook posts making sure all your friends know what you are doing and how cool you are. If you're a day late on any of this forget it, it's done, gone, old news my friend, better luck next year. I hate that shit and to be honest I hate all the New Year's hoopla on top of it...

   Every New Years Eve always has the promise to be a grand spectacle, the best party of the year!!!! What happens most of the time? It's a let down. We place all our hopes and dreams into one evening because we are going into a new calendar year. You are going to meet that perfect woman on New Years Eve and share a kiss at the stroke of midnight! It's going to be oh so magical and perfect! This is how it works right? Truth of the matter for the most part you two are going to be too drunk to even remember each others name. Which isn't always a bad thing.  It's just not as magical and perfect as the movies would like you to believe. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE holidays, we all do.

   This New Years when my roommate invited me to head North and spend the New Years weekend in Big Sur I was all about it. What better way to start the New Year than out in nature. The swell forecast looked good as well so it was on. Left a couple days early with one of my best friends, no plan just meet up with the rest of the group in a couple days. So we camped on the beach, looked for waves, drank a ton of beer and had a great time. 

   New Years Eve was spent doing a 10 mile hike ended with a bonfire on the beach and the most amazing moonset I've ever seen. I didn't know a moon setting could look like a sunset, it was unreal. I love Big Sur, even if there are a ton of sharks and natural elements to cope with while surfing, it's an adventure and all men seek adventure. 

   One last thing, New Years Resolutions, you don't need to wait a year to make goals for yourself, any day can be the beginning to your 'New Year'



Mike and Stephanie Hollern

   Stephanie and Mike got married in Palm Springs at Smoke Tree Ranch. It was rad.





SH∆K∆ M∆N∆N∆




   With love.



   We hiked down to the blowhole, it wasn't that rad.

Now look closely at the bottom right of this photo, those are my legs. I slipped and fell after putting my camera on a timer trying to run back to get in the photo.



   First three days were flat :( but the last day we ended up getting it almost double overhead. Take me back to ISLAND TIME.



   I love Maui. Wish I was still there right now. Went on a couple hikes when I was there. Bamboo Forest and Commando. Ask me about the commando hike sometime.......



   For 11/12 Oakley gave Armada the opportunity to design a limited edition crowbar goggle. I chose to base the design off the Halo ski design I did, just updated the colorway and bam, goggles for you. Go buy some!




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