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Full Pipe

Circa 2003? Back in the high school photo days yessss, Ms. Smirl, Legendary. As im going through a lot of my old photos im finding some I completely forgot about. This is my buddy Tyler Mumma, he rips, so stylish in the pools. This full pipe was in Laguna Beach off the 133, some friends had come across it so we went to check it out. Super long pipe and you were able to see it directly from the road if you knew when to look. Now its all covered up as far as i know, which is unfortunate.


I love a good couch

First off, this couch is amazing and I wish I had one. I shot this while assisting for the wonderful Hugh Forte.



Enjoy it.


Mason Runs Your Life

This is my nephew Mason a couple weekends ago at my sisters wedding. Long story short...He runs your life and he is my favorite ginger.


Modern Day Cowboys

Went to Blythe over the past weekend, although i had a slew of things go wrong for me it was still a good time. Got my bronze on, shot guns, drank beer, rode the quad, floated down the river. Here are some Cowboys shooting guns for you.

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